Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Republicans WILL Lose in 2012 (if we survive that long....)

I am now convinced that the leaders of the Republican party know they will suffer a crushing defeat come November of 2012. They know that Pres. Obama will be re-elected, and that the majority of Republicans (and likely the Blue Dog Democrats) will be swept out of Congress, Senate, and state Governorship. I am also convinced that all of the Republican party leaders, Congress people, Senators, Governors and Blue Dog Dems in whatever offices are all on the take from the Koch Bros., the multi-national banks and the multi-national corporations. The brothers, the banks and the corporations are loyal only to money, wealth, and profit. They do not give a damn if the citizens of the United States are left to starve to death, jobless and homeless, and neither do any of the blackguards who accept their bribes. Not one of them will allow a even so much as the debate of a single proposal from the Obama administration from now until the day the new Congress and Senate members are sworn into office. Why? Because they are all being paid quite handsomely to take a dive, and allow their patrons to drain as much money from our nation's fortunes before the floodgates are closed, their constituents, the American people, be damned.

Which is also why the brothers, the banks and the corporations pour so much money into media in order to keep Fox News flowing on cable TV and radio stations pumping out the bile and nonsense of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Michael Medved, and support propagandists like Ann Coulter. These media forces are not there to convert Democrats and grow the ranks of Republicans. Nope. The Republican candidates debates are not being staged in order to select a nominee as an opponent to Pres. Obama. Not at all.

They are all out to distract the Republican voters, the ones who are swayed by a slogan or a catch-phrase, the ones who believe the Earth is only some 6,000 years old and that man and dinosaur lived at the same time like in the Flintstones, the ones who are easily distracted as babies when Daddy dangles his car keys in front of them. And in doing so, keep us all divided and at each other's throats until they can abscond with as much wealth as they can, tucked away in foreign banks and whatever shelters there may be that keep it from being taxed, and then hide themselves behind high walls guarded by private security.

The Republicans will lose in 2012. A handful will turn one hell of a profit from that loss. The rest will finally wake up and realize that the only "trickle down" they have experienced is the urination of the wealthy as they whizzed on them from atop their ivory towers.

I hope only that I can survive long enough to see that happen. I hope all of us can.