Friday, June 3, 2011

Teaching Pigs to Sing (second verse, same as the first)

The so-called debate with Mr. Lehman continues....

Jon McKenzie Wait, let me answer for you: "Yeah, but 9%! Why'zat, huh? Why'zat? Wa-wa. Ha-ha. Neener-neener-neener!"

Chris Lehman ...because I don't want a Socialist in the White House.

Jon McKenzie Neither do I. However, by your standards, anyone left of your left nostril is a Commie. Annnnnd, we're back to your opinion that President Obama is evil. I say potato and you say potatoe. Let's call the whole thing a draw.

Chris Lehman Also, hanging out with "evil" people does not help, like going to church for 20 years where the rev. yells "goddamn America!".

Jon McKenzie We get it, Chris. You hate President Obama, you think he's evil, you probably believe that he and the First Lady have decorated the Lincoln Bedroom with posters of Stokely Carmichael and Angela Davis and Malcolm X, and they sit around in it making molotov cocktails while listening to Sistah Soulja CDs and plotting the Socialist overthrow of the USA. You're the perfect listener for KABC. I hope Jack Silver gives you a gold star and a cookie. Now, roll over! Sit up! That's a GOOD boy!

Chris Lehman You almost nailed it, but they're probably listening to Common. I wonder why you refuse to believe they aren't. In the tank? : )

Jon McKenzie Again with the "tank"? As if you aren't in your OWN tank! Obviously, you think you're right about everything, so fine, go ahead and sit in your tank and stew in your smug, false sense of superiority.

Chris Lehman So snarky...
: )

Jon McKenzie You leave me no other option. You won't discuss my answer to your question about why the 9% unemployment rate lingers. (In addition to what I've already said, there's also the matter of Repuiblican backed govt. job cuts and the laying off of teachers, firefighters and police that undercut the job gains.) You just repeat yourself. "Obama is evil... Obama is evil... Obama is evil..." If you have anything new to offer, go for it.

Chris Lehman It lingers because Obama wants it to linger.

Jon McKenzie You're not making sense. You're not even reading what I've posted. All you're doing is acting like a brat, saying "NUH-UH!" to everything I say. I'm giving you one last chance to redeem yourself. Why would President Obama want to keep the unemployment rate at 9%? I want a real answer

Chris Lehman The Cloward/Piven Strategy.
[The Cloward/Piven strategy is a wild-ass theory conjured up during the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson, which posits that social enginerring can be brought about by orchestrated crises. It had been laughed off long ago, but was revived recently by Glenn Beck during one of his many lunatic rants against Pres. Obama and the Democratic party. Further details at Wikipedia: ]
Jon McKenzie For that so-called "strategy" to "work" wouldn't Obama had to have started orchestrating it during the Bush administration, BEFORE he was even elected President, let alone had secured the nomination for his candidacy? Seems to me the Republicans were staging their own crisis hoping for oppostite results, considering the way it started two wars off-budget and unpaid for, an unpaid for Medicare supplement that benefitted drug companies, and unpaid for tax cuts, all of which led to near total collapse of the world economy. You gotta stop listening to Glenn Beck, pal. He is mind-poison.

Chris Lehman No, he'd just need to deceive people and step in at the right time. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Then, incorporate a bunch of Alinsky tactics.

Jon McKenzie So, you then at least admit the Bush administration helped in large measure to create the world economic crisis as well as the deplorable unemployment situtation. You cannot blame Obama for things he was not there to do. I do not, for a second, buy into this "evil scheme" scenario you're trying to sell.

Chris Lehman No. Bush Admin "helped" who?
Obama can't associate with anti-capitalist radicals and still want capitalism to work. C'mon, now.
Go to church to get the bigger picture of life. Then, the "evil" part will make more sense.

Jon McKenzie Stop being obtuse, stop trying to "save" me. You know what I mean, I spelled it out. Stop avoiding the fact that the Bush administration trashed the economy. Read my previous comments. Nixon met Khrushchev. Nixon went to China and shook hands with Chairman Mao. Does that make Nixon a Communist? What church are you going to that preaches the President of the United States is evil? YOU c'mon, now! Stop listeing to Glenn Beck and pull your head out of the talking points!

Chris Lehman Nixon didn't hire and be advised by Communists and Marxists. Get out of the tank. Cmon, now.

Jon McKenzie Neither has Obama. Nixon may not have hired Commies, but he did hire CROOKS and BURGLARS. Remember Watergate? YOU "get out of the tank". You can't prove Pres. Obama is evil. You can't bring yourself to admit the failure of the Bush administration. You quote hare-brained old conspiracy theories dredged up by Glenn Beck. You can keep dancing around me all you want. All I have to do is stand here and tell the truth. Go ahead. Spin yourself into the ground. Or, you could just simply admit that your statement that Barack Obama is evil is just an OPINION. Say that, and this will all be over with.

Chris Lehman "Neither has Obama"? Wow. Now, you're either lying, misinformed, or deep in the tank. If you won't even admit that, you have no credibility.

Jon McKenzie Then I have as little credibility as you, who won't cop to the incompetence of the Bush administration and their creation of the economic crisis and the unemployment situation, or that your silly statement of Obama being evil is just your opinion and not a matter of fact. You're deep in your own tank. Have a nice day.